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We host sessions with the primary objective that we deliver enjoyment whilst subscribing to our Play, Learn, Compete motto. We do this to the highest health & safety standards and care for all abilities equally.

Before School Club


The benefits are endless to children and adults alike if encouraged to exercise in their morning routines :

  • Set the tone – exercising early can help encourage to make healthier choices during the day and through one’s life, start children on the right path early.

  • Increased alertness and more overall energy – regular exercise boosts energy and reduces overall fatigue, allowing more energy throughout the day.

  • Improved Sleep – Light exposure early in the day may help increase melatonin level at night.

  • Attractive Childcare Option – Allows parents to start their day earlier.

  • Better Mood – exercise reduces stress, start the day on a positive note.

  • Weight loss – studies show fat burns more before breakfast.

  • Better Focus – physical activity improves focus and concentration. Students will have better cognition throughout the school day. 

  • Increased overall activity – rather than the normal activity presented through everyday life – add a morning exercise routine to your day rather than sleeping in.

Lunchtime Multi-Sports Club


A way schools can hire us and a break time assistant all in one go, except the bonus with us is that your students will receive an education in RFC (alternating each week) during their break time rather than just supervision.

After School Club

  • Better School Performance – extracurricular activities improve academic performance.

  • In everyone’s best interest – Schools are encouraged to provide extra-curricular activities, it also looks good for them when selling the school to a parent / parents need help with childcare and to leave children at school to further expand their knowledge with a sports education will benefit all involved.

  • Improved health – encouraging more physical activity and a healthy balanced lifestyle.

  • Social Development – clubs can help children make friends through encouraged teamwork and a place where they feel like they belong.

  • Exploring passions – allows children to make a choice without being forced to do it with a schools curriculum, if they want extra football, come join a football club.

  • Set the tone – children exercising can help encourage them to make healthier choices during adult life. 

  • Increased overall activity – rather than the normal activity presented through everyday life – add a new exercise routine to your day rather than going home.

Pre School / Nursery Sessions


  • Enhanced Learning Experience – learn through play with story-telling and imagination.

  • Improved Behaviour – mini rewards like the captain’s armband each week for children to work towards.

  • Improved Social Interaction – encouraged teamwork and practicing respect for another and learning to win and lose.

  • Improves listening skills – learning language and the ability to understand commands

  • Educating youth about exercise – important foundation for children to enjoy exercise.

  • Motor Skill development – simple but structured movements taught with a variety of balls to help encourage a feeling of success and a good foundation to develop in a range of sports.

  • Help reduce obesity – classes increase children’s heartrate and contribution to day to day exercise.

  • Release anxiety and stress – exercise help release anxiety and helps children sleep at night

1:1 Sessions

  • Boosts player engagement and productivity – improves the quality of work focused on for the participant.

  • Build relationships - builds the coaches relationships with the parents of the child involved and builds the relationship between the coach and the player, and the player with the club.

  • Improves players overall fitness and skills – Practice makes permanent. 

Small Group Sessions

  • Specialized and localized – Easier for coach to fit the needs of all participants involved.

  • Logistics – it is easier to sporadically group a team of 5 together than 15. 

  • Players are more engaged – the smaller the group the more players feel their efforts are important resulting in higher work rate and increased learning.

  • Players identified by coach more – players are more exposed in small groups, when a player does well the coach will see.

  • Builds trust and unity – the fewer people there are the easier it is for them to get to know each other

  • Small Group cohesion – players will naturally coach and mentor each other in practices.

Rugby Holiday Camps

Open in every school holiday at various locations – 

Winter Holidays / Easter Holidays / Half Terms / Summer Holidays.


  • (9-10) Drop-off and Indoor games.

  • (10-12) Outdoor games and matches.

  • (12-1) Lunch Time and Pickup for Half Day.

  • (1-3) Outdoor games and Awards.

  • (3-4) Pickup and Indoor games.

A choice of booking:

  • Full Day ( attending both Part 1 and Part 2)

  • Half Day (attending either Part 1 or Part 2

Rugby Tournaments

  • Inter-School Tournaments

  • Community School Tournaments

  • Inter-Club Tournaments

  • Adults Tournaments

  • Charity Tournaments

  • Pre-Season Tournaments 

  • Post-Season Tournaments

Rugby Functions


This includes Birthday Parties and Work Functions.

We can tailor-make an event to suit your participants hobbies and maximise their enjoyment.

We also have different inflatables that are available to rent for any of the above functions.

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